Ipod Touch 4 G Reviews

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I got the 4 gen ipod as a gift for my wife. Had no setback setting it up. It works great. One thing that got under my skin was the size capacity while it does say 8 gigs only 6.5 is usable. I guess the other 1.5 gigs are used for the operating system Either way my wife is happy with it so I guess that is all that matters in the end

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The Nerd,

Apple gets a lot of things right here. I'm blown away by its quickness. By the time you've gotten it out of sleep mode, it's already connected to wifi ready to go. It's unbelievably intuitive navigating around in and out of different apps. And these apps! I know it's their seemingly lame marketing slogan, but there really is an app for just about everything and a good chunk of them are free.

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Right when the ipod touch first came out, I bought one. It was a great device, and held up very well, but it eventually died from being taken apart so many times, dropped so many times, etc. After about 1 month of no ipod, I realized I needed to get a new one. So I held out until the 4th gen came out, because I wanted the A4 chip and the camera.

Music: it's an ipod, next to Zune, it's one of the best!

Video: One of the best portable video devices in my opinion.

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